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High end consultation experience in business intelligence, process automation and custom development. With an average of 15 years of experience per engineer, contact one of our business associates today to see how some of the most experienced in the business can help to grow and improve your business.

Knowing your business

Beginning in 1998, Witte Solutions started with a passion for innovation, technology and to help its clients achieve the best possible results both on budget and on time. The view that technologies evolve just as relationships, Witte Solutions seeks to maintain a personal relationship with its clients. This focus and attention to detail with our clients often grows a long standing relationship and business partnership, not just turn-key solutions.

Now nearing 20 years later, the team has grown, technology continues to evolve and Witte Solutions position and passion is still unchanged.

Our team of developers, project managers and business analysts are considered some of the best in the midwest. Beyond being heavily certified, the Witte Solutions team takes pride in offering knowledge beyond the certification, providing solutions to best aid your business needs.

Solutions for you

Witte Solutions prides itself in understanding your business goals, how technology is currently applied and what goals of your company are. We don't sell hardware, we don't sell software - we provide service. As a service provider, we fit solutions best for you to reach your goals, not to reach a preferred vendor status or push you toward a solution that meets our needs and not yours. You will find our approach unique and relatable, unlike many others.

A needed resource

Witte Solutions beyond project engagements can offer or find what you're looking for in Information Technology. Have a need for a database administrator, web developer, data analyst or report writer but cannot justify the cost of a fulltime employee? Give us a call. Get some of the most experienced people in the industry at your disposal. Need someone to bounce ideas off of? Not sure if a particular software package is right for your business? Give us a call.


Our pride is adaptation and working with any and all
technologies, but that isn't always practical.
The projects we find ourselves most involved with include the following:



Microsoft Dynamics

From the ground up!

Microsoft ASP.NET

All things .NET!

MS SQL Server

Reporting, maintaining, optimizing!

Microsoft Office

Get the most from Office!




Feel free to contact us and find out more.

Other Technologies

Recent project technologies included:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Evoq CMS

Client Industries

Our clients industries:

  • Not for profits
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing firms
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